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About the Author

Welcome to my About the Author page. I imagine a formal introduction is the best place to begin…ahem…Hello, my named is Richard and I’ll be your writer/blogger this evening… afternoon… or when ever you happen to be reading this.

I suppose the main thing to know about me is that I do love to write, although I didn’t always know it. Creatively speaking I started out as an artist and musician, but that was in junior high school, so I’m not sure if it counts. Once I got further along in my academic years, I believe it was my junior year of high school, I gave up playing the saxophone and moved towards being a full fledged artist. Eventually, this resulted in an art scholarship to a small school in rural Wyoming, and for the record, no, I did not, nor will I ever paint a cowboy or western landscape themed picture.

It was during this time that I started to develop an affinity for painting with words instead of paint. I discovered that I liked it more and I was much better at it, and I’m sure my art professors would agree. I still finished an associate’s degree in art, mainly because I didn’t want to start over and I was done with school for a while.

I worked a slew of part time jobs after graduation, gaining life experiences, personal journeys, and I learned how to cook. All of which gave me character, perspective, and a vocal personal opinion. I eventually took a few years off and had myself a bit of a “what is it all about” sabbatical, which eventually ended with me living in Utah and working in a coffee shop. The one consistent thing that held true though this journey was my writing. So back to school I went, this time the focus was on English.

While at college 2.0 I found myself as an opinion columnist for the school paper. There was something very satisfying about sharing my opinions with others. Granted most of my opinions were rather liberal and in a conservative Utah school let’s just say that at one point I was nominated as the most hated person on campus. There wasn’t a real vote, but I’m pretty sure I would have won.

I think, even though the paper was run by mostly conservatives, they did appreciate my contribution. The Letters to the Editor were always filled with rebuttals to my opinion topics, and the readership always seemed to go up on the days my opinions ran. There were even a few teachers that used my articles to get active discussions started in their classrooms. There is something eminently satisfying about getting paid to tell others what you think.

Once I finished my degree in English, with a focus on technical writing (hey, I needed a job that could pay the bills while I freelanced creatively on the side), I got a full time job in the profession. Still, my passion has always been creative satire. Over the past ten years I began working on a few novel ideas, one of which has kept me consistently entertained and devote to writing it down. It has turned into a bit of an opus and at times one of those “seemed like a good idea at the time” projects. Still, I have always gone back to it and continue to feel it is a rather brilliant undertaking.

It’s taken more time than it should have but I got a bit distracted for a few years. Writing a chapter every few months is no longer acceptable to me. And soon I’ll have all of volume 1 available online and will be converting it into an eBook for all those that want to give it a more consistent read through, instead of the random online posting.

The one thing I have learned over the years is that when it comes to my writing, my goal and what brings me the most joy is when something I write puts a smile, or smirk, on the readers face. I have been told that I have a way of looking at things that does cause people to chuckle a bit or possibly giggle so much that one might need a potty break before continuing the conversation. Ultimately, that is what I hope to accomplish with this blog. A place where I can write the random observation, or made up review, or personal opinion that hopefully brings a little humor and laughter to those that choose to read it.

If you would like to read some Rich facts, please check them out here. Or you can click on that little Rich Facts link at the top of the page mixed in with the Home, About and Contact Me links.

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